Husband and wife duo, Jamie and Kim, enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to purchase 10 acres of land in Gibsons on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in 2020. Mid pandemic, two toddlers, and a very strong love of apples, gave them the vision to turn an idyllic property, with 40 varietals of heritage fruit trees, into a bustling agricultural business. Today, that vision has become a reality, and Banditry offers both delicious sips and a place for the community to gather over a bubbly glass of cider. Banditry has become known for their tried and true, old school cider, but still experiments with new approaches and flavours, with the goal of just making something delicious.
Only 100% BC grown apples go into our cider, and no concentrates of artificial flavourings are used, reflecting our values for simple and clean ingredients.

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