Introducing Plenty Hard Kombucha – like nothing else in British Columbia!

Born from a love of hand-crafting kombucha in her Kitsilano kitchen, Plenty’s Founder, Valli began experimenting in 2019 with extra fermentation to give her kombucha more of a kick. Being a health-conscious Vancouverite, she created an all-new style of alcohol beverage, Plenty Hard Kombucha.

Plenty is a naturally brewed to 5% alcohol using real organic tea, fruits and botanicals that high in antioxidants and always preservative-free. We are brewing up a delicious, better-for-you alcohol beverage that doesn’t compromise on flavour or fun. Plenty tastes light, crisp, delicately fizzy and refreshing. It also happens to be only 1g carb, 1g sugar, and 99-calories.


I hope you love it as much as we do! Drink it cold and fresh with your favourite people.