PIONEER Provincial is founded on the compass that we can set a path that does yet not exist. Yes there are others that have made the journey but we are destined to set forth a concept that has no set roadmap. We are among the first to make fresh ready to enjoy cocktails and we must challenge the status quo as we continue on this adventure. Be daring, no bad ideas just big ideas.

CURIOSITY – We should use our smarts and insatiable curiosity to learn for the sake of learning. Having an abiding fascination about cocktails and always trying out new directions and ideas is what keeps us ticking.

COLLABORATIVE – Whether it be a collaboration on a cocktail release an event together with other businesses, or just a simple crew creation, we’re always on the lookout for ways to work together on projects and involve other people in our community. For us to grow we need to keep learning, so we create opportunities to work alongside others both within and outside of Provincial.

OBLIGATED – We set high standards for ourselves and our products, but that doesn’t get us too far unless we challenge each other to uphold them! While we’re committed to being people over process, we set our standards and values with intention, and we do what we can to uphold them. Pay attention to the details, strive to uphold a high standard, but also be compassionate to yourself and others.

Come on in and visit our tasting lounge in Port Coquitlam next time you’re in our ‘hood.